August 2016: The U.S. Access Board exercised its option to extend BNF records management services for another year. Notably, BNF is assisting the Agency in deploying its electronic records management solution. BNF is in its 8th year supporting the Board. 

July 2016: The DOL’s Bureau of Labor Statistics executed its option to continue the BNF Records Management support services contract. BNF has been supporting the BLS for the past 7 years and is proud to have been recognized for its excellence by this award which will extend BNF services until 2017.

April 2016: BNF was awarded a Task Order to conduct an agency-wide assessment of TSA records management practices and provide recommendations, documentation updates, and training to assist the agency in meeting Federal records management compliance, including email and electronic records management solutions.

April 2016: The National Cancer Institute executed its option to continue BNF records management services to its Rockville and Frederick, MD offices. This contract extends BNF’s services that it began in 2003 until 2017.

March 2016: Mission Support Alliance, LLC (MSA) awarded BNF a $13.5 million Subcontract for the performance of the Content and Records Management Support Services at the Hanford Site in Richland, WA. The primary goal of this subcontract is to support and enable the successful execution of the Hanford Site cleanup mission and associated activities by providing effective, efficient, and innovative records management solutions. BNF is proud to have been recognized for its excellence in Records Management by this award.

September 2015: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) awarded BNF one of three $4.5 million Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) for Records Management Consulting and Support Services under GSA Schedule 36 “The Office, Imaging and Document Solution.” The purpose of the BPA is to provide services in support of the TSA’s effort to improve its records management processes, recordkeeping efficiency, transparency and accountability; and compliance with Federal Records Management Statutes and Regulations. This is BNF’s first award with TSA and the company is proud to provide its excellence in records management to the Agency. BNF is currently providing an assessment of the Agency’s records management program and an update of its policies and related records management documentation.

January 2015: BNF was acquired by Integrated Defense Applications Technology (IDA), dba IDA Technology, a
SDVOSB and 8(a) company in El Paso, TX.

August 2014: BNF was selected by the Navy’s Office of Judge Advocate General for a 3rd consecutive contract to implement some of the recommendations BNF made in its records management assessment study of 2011 – 2012, followed by implementation services through 2014. BNF has developed Agency-wide File Plans, electronic Shared Drive folder structures, Records Management Directive, a Records Management Handbook and agency-wide records management training.

June 2013: After 5 years of assisting the U.S. Access Board develop a compliant records management program with all of the policies, procedures and training involved therein, followed by the emplacement of a certified DOD 5015.2 electronic records application, BNF won another 5-year competitive contract to continue its support through August 2018. 

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