Information Technology

As part of BNF's long and deep experience with records management and the associated demands of document management, security, storage, communications, access etc. we have become very proficient in enterprise architecture planning. We sat on Government Capital Investment Groups and advise on the impact to records management of potential new or modified IT systems and initiatives the requirement for which is mandated by OMB. In furtherance of this activity, we evaluate vendor products and assist in the set-up of Shared Network Space to accommodate and legally structure these advancements toward electronic record keeping and E-Government.

BNF developed and maintained a Records Inventory Database for the GSA.  The database was created to help overcome the limitations of trying to manage large amounts of information on the contract records inventory spreadsheets that were being utilized by the GSA divisions’ staff to track their various paper and electronic contract records inventory collections.  Primarily, the database served as an information management tool that stores information on the GSA divisions’ active and inactive paper and electronic contract records for reference, analysis, tracking and reporting. Second, the built-in Records Management Tools of the database included the Records Symbol, Records Series Title and Authorized Disposition according to the GSA Records Schedule with the control, maintenance and disposal of inactive records collections.

Subsequent to the creation of the database, BNF developed a Users’ Guide that provided users with succinct instructions and illustrations on how to utilize the database to 1) perform data entry of new records (Contracts, Delivery and Task Orders; 2) perform searches and queries; and 3) generate reports. 

We Provide:

  • Database Creation and Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Support
  • Systems Support Functions