We Provide:

  • Functional Analysis (what has to be accomplished)
  • Performance Requirements (how and when functions are accomplished)
  • Record/Files Requirements (the key objects of the proposed system)
  • System Technology Requirements (who, where, and why functions are accomplished)
  • RMA or internal agency compliant alternative evaluations (which system or what internal structure and practice will accomplish your total systems requirements)

Records and Document Management

GSA Schedule 36, The Office, Imaging, and Document Solution
Contract #GS-25F-0041N

BNF provides overall guidance to Federal Agencies to effectively control the creation, organization, maintenance, use, and disposition of records in accordance with Federal regulations. We appraise and identify records for long-term preservation and transfer to a Federal Records Center (FRC), provide guidance and training in Federal records disposition, and prepare the forms necessary to accomplish transfer of records. BNF develops and installs new classification and indexing scheme(s), and reviews each Agency’s records for compliance with National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and CFR guidelines. We also reorganize, re-label, re-file, and dispose of duplicate records and review, schedule, re-classify and dispose of records. In addition, BNF staff also develops and recommends standards, procedures, techniques, and technology for records management solutions, especially including e-Records.

We audit Federal programs, conduct 100% inventories, design Records Retention and Disposition Schedules; prepare File Plans; identify and code Records Series; prepare all required government documentation, and interface with Federal Records Centers (FRC).

We also provide guidance to select and deploy Electronic Records Management Applications (RMAs), and stay to assist in their implementation.

BNF has established and staffed records and file centers. As part of our on-going records management support, we have been scanning and imaging for over 20 years. Our work has encompassed Top Secret and Compartmented operations.