Training & E-Learning

For over 22 years, BNF has been providing Records Management training to Federal Agencies. The training follows BNF’s activities in defining and implementing an established baseline for an effective records management program – strategic plan, File Plans, Handbook, Directive, e-Records repository structures, etc. and gaining knowledge of and working relationships with the Agency divisions and personnel. Importantly, we personalize the training to reflect the records being handled in that agency.

Our flexible training experience has included courses from 15 minutes for executives to 30 minutes to management and new employees, to full hour periods for users, including hands-on instructional sessions. For one agency, we customized training for each of the operational units due to the differing work processes and business practices. For another, we provided hands-on instruction to include properly assembling boxes and preparing box listings, etc. And, since the late 90’s, we have provided computer based training. We have conducted agency-wide training to ensure all employees learn the basics and importance of sound records management.

For over 7 years BNF provided e-Learning in the form of clinician web-based, 508 compliant courseware for the VA’s National Center for PTSD.