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We Always Put The Customer’s Needs First

Over the last 26 years, we have developed records management specialties by working with more than 37 federal agencies that saw the need for us to do more. This convinced us to expand our resources and services into more support and administrative assistance. We saw a need and the ways that our skills could be applied to fix it. Thanks to this expansion, our services have even more to offer our customers.

BNF Technologies delivers a lot of value to any workplace or agency beyond just implementing a records management system because our services will always work to optimize the entire functions of the whole office. That means offering services like contract and grant management or administrative support. These services go beyond assistance like document management or records management solutions.

Contract Management Is A Vital Service

The grant management and contract administrative services that we provide are essential practices for managing the flow of money between government agencies. We bring the same attention to detail that we use with records schedules updates to grant support services. Our personnel will complete the appropriate paperwork to close out all necessary contracts and grants in your agency.

We will also manage the communication between the grant organization or company under each contract to notify all parties when the contract or grant has ended. Our services will handle all of the paperwork, filing, and letters notifying the company or grantee. These are crucial financial management services that we provide for customers to make their workplaces function more efficiently and more prepared for contract audits.

Our Personnel Will Support The Functions Of Your Workplace

Another way that BNF supports the functions of your business or agency is with secretarial, reception, and administrative services. We provide this service to reinforce your own staff and enhance your workplace. Once our personnel is in place, you won’t have to pull your own resources for clerical types of work and administrative operations. The training of the personnel that we send will vary by the need of your workplace. All of them will be computer literate and have experience working with government agencies. Depending on your needs, we do offer workers available for additional security clearance and public trust positions.

BNF Technologies has provided administrative support and contract or grant management to the U.S. Department of Commerce for over 18 years. Our personnel has maintained official calendars, scheduled appointments, coordinated travel, and delivered contract administration for them and their sub-agencies. Throughout our time, we have continued to adapt our operations to be the best fit for the agencies that we partner with. This flexibility enables us to deliver a superior level of support to all customers.

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