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The most significant advantage that comes with working with BNF is our experience and all of the knowledge that comes with it. We have established ourselves as an industry-leader in a niche field and our expertise enables us to provide flexible services that are tailored to every agency we work with. We know that the best solutions are ones that are optimized for the functions of the customer.

BNF Technologies offers a variety of records management solutions because we know that every agency and workplace is different and what works for one might not work for another. Our database solutions are for people that want some of the advantages of an electronic content management system without the same cost. BNF has the ability to create and implement the entire database process for your agency. We will even maintain the database for you in the years to come.

We Pay Attention To The Details

BNF Technologies manages the entire process of data entry from scanning to imaging and hosting the service through our services and partnerships with third-party vendors. We take managing your data seriously, for example, the scanning process is not just a single step procedure. There are compliance mandates in place that require us to ensure that every record and document is scanned with enough clarity to be read by anyone.

This means that our scans have to be of a high enough quality that they can be read or translated by assistive technology that someone with vision disabilities might be using. We will also collect data like author names, dates, and subject matter for organizational measures. This is just one example of the level of effort, and attention to detail that goes into every service that BNF provides. When you decide to shift your records with our new database technology, our managed services will go through, file by file and move everything from your old system into your new one.

We Make Partnerships For The Long-Haul

BNF Technologies has been operating in the field of records management solutions for over 26 years. We have carved out our own place in this niche specialty. This has taught us the value of putting in the work and not rushing the process. Implementing new data management solutions or records management is typically not a quick fix.

It is a time-intensive procedure that is best done methodically. That is why BNF believes in long-term partnerships. For example, we have worked with the U.S. Department of State for over 11 years now. BNF has provided database maintenance, scanning and imaging, database creation and data integration, and computer operation support services among others for this agency. This is just one part of our commitment to providing records management solutions for paper and electronic records.

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